Frequently asked questions concerning tree removals in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Council permission

1. Do I need Council permission to remove a tree?

Depending on your suburb and the size of the tree, yes you may well need to obtain council permission to remove a tree. Each council has different policies, but essentially trees greater than a certain height and girth (which can be different depending on your suburb) will need council permission to be removed or pruned.

This means that trees below a minimum height and girth can be removed without obtaining council permission, but you will have to check your council’s website for this information. In addition, trees that are dead, dangerous or noxious can be removed without council permission, but in the majority of cases, the council will need written evidence from a qualified arborist that these conditions apply.

It is never a good idea to just assume you can remove or prune a tree, without checking with your local council, because unlawful tree removals can incur a heavy fine.

At Prompt Tree Services, we know which trees and situations may require council permission and will advise you accordingly before any work is carried out on your property.

2. Do I need council permission to prune my tree?

Most councils do require you to obtain permission to prune trees, over a certain height and girth. So it is important that you visit your council’s website and check their tree removal and pruning guidelines.

Insurance questions

How do I know the tree removalist is fully insured?

Before any tree removalist or tree surgeon commences work on your property, ask to see evidence of their Workers Compensation and Public Liability policies. Make sure that the tree company’s employees are insured under one of the following categories: Amenity Tree Industry or Tree Lopper.

Also check the expiration date of these policies and that the Public Liability is for at least $5 million.

Tree removal prices

1. What are the costs of tree removals?

Costs depend on the type and size of tree, the number of trees and the ease of access to the trees. It is impossible to give a quote on the costs of tree removals without visiting your property and inspecting the trees.

At Prompt Tree Services, we make sure that all of our prices are very competitive, so if you receive a lower quote for the same work, let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

2. What are the costs of removing tree stumps?

Again, costs depend on the hardness of the wood, the size of the stump, the access to your property and the stump in question. We provide obligation free quotes to all of our clients, so simply call us and we will visit your property and give you an unbiased quote.

If you need a highly qualified team of arborists and tree removalists in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, then call Prompt Tree Services on 0412 280 338 or complete our online inquiry form.