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Tree Arborist Reports Sydney
At Prompt Tree Services, our arborists are highly trained professionals with years of experience caring for trees. If you need a tree inspection report to accompany a development application or to remove a dangerous tree, our qualified arborists will provide you with a first class service. We all know that times have changed and as our city sprawl increases, people are becoming more aware of the value of trees in our environment, rather than as an inconvenience. In consequence, many trees are now protected and councils require professional evidence that a particular tree should be removed. We can no longer just remove trees as we see fit, even on our own land.

This is why councils require an arborist’s report. If you want to remove a dangerous or hazardous tree or clear land that includes protected trees, you need a professional tree assessment report that provides evidence that removal is the best course of action. All arborists must be qualified in assessing dangerous or hazardous trees and must also be insured for public liability.

Tree arborist reports Sydney


At Prompt Tree Services, we provide professional tree reports and advice on all arboriculture legal matters. Circumstances that may require tree arborist reports include:

  • Home Owners – who have recently received a Tree Preservation Order from the local council.
  • Insurance – a mortgage or insurance quotation requires a tree report.
  • Developers – who require an Arboricultural Impact Report at the request of the local council in support of a planning application.
  • Investors – who require an annual tree inspection program that is recorded on a database.

Tree reports must include the species of the tree and the method of assessment used by the arborist. Relevant faults, damage, pests or diseases must be documented and the rationalisation of removal must be weighed against alternative actions. In other words, removal of the tree must be justified by the arborist and evidence produced that supports this conclusion. Supporting evidence can include test results and photographs, which must also accompany the report. At Prompt Tree Services, we offer individual tree reports ranging from a single page to a comprehensive document. Please contact us if you require a professional arborist report in Sydney.

For all tree felling, tree pollarding and tree removal services in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, as well as professional tree arborist reports, please call Prompt Tree Services (Experienced and professional arborists, tree removalists, cutters & loppers in Sydney) on 0412 280 338 or complete our online enquiry form.